RIP CHI Turbo Ceramic

I remember the day my friend Michelle brought her to me maybe 7 years ago, shiny and new. A stealth delivery because her brother had just gone through great lengths to acquire it for me from a store, free of charge.


My CHI Turbo ceramic 2” flat iron has been my savior through the years; curly hair isn’t easy people and I’m glad buzzfeed finally acknowledged it.

My right mano, my comrade, mate, sidekick. She’s never failed me until my recent trip to London – where whether it was the higher voltage or just her old age, she wouldn’t turn on.

So of course I’ve been grieving again (Jesus this happens often,) and I’m super distraught in the mornings trying to tame this mop. I’ve been using this crappy Con-Air curling iron I found in my closet just for the heat on my roots and ends, awful for my hair I know, but again… the woes of curly hair.

While I’m still in denial, plugging it in every now and then just to quadruple check she won’t turn on, I’ve also started trying to find her replacement and what I’ve learned is mind-blowing to me. My girl was EXPENSIVE! I’m not even sure I can replace her based on her retail price of $195! On sale on this site, but full price on most other sites.

I’ve been straightening my hair with a free $200 flat iron all these years!?!

I digress… RIP my CHI Turbo ceramic 2” flat iron, you will be missed dearly.

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