new.myspace: a quick overview

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From this weeks’ latest issue, I read all about the new.myspace that rolled out recently.
My main feedback: I’m loving the modern/clean/minimalist/tumblr-esque/FB timeline/grid/ left-right scrolling they have going on.


It’s much more focused in terms of the audience they’re looking to engage, and respectively kind of turn off the butt-load of users that once-upon-a-time lived and breathed myspace. Myspace is no longer a space for [all your] friends, just some.


The re-joining is pretty easy; one-click connect with Facebook, Twitter or your previous account email. You then select who/what you identify with, see above, and get started on your mini-bio and landing page (which like encourages a large hi-res background photo of yourself or something relative.)

I really like the change-up on the search functionality… not sure why the enormous font is necessary, but I like the font type and the idea of even thinking about a different search layout; mashable recently revamped theirs too.


If you had a myspace account, your email/Facebook/Twitter will connect with your old URL i.e. my super-sweet-16-chola unique URL: –
I mean…… chongalicious much?

I would work HARD back in the day (between AOL chat room sessions,) to make my myspace profile look awesome thanks to animated gifs, basic HTML, profile music, static images and copy. The page layouts changed over the years, but here’s an idea of the type of content on my old profile:

click to enlarge

I tweeted @myspace to see if I could change the URL and this was their reply, reasonable.


Overall, once you’re in and set up, it’s all about exploring and getting used to the left-right scroll. Otherwise, kudos to myspace for the face lift. While I don’t think I’m the demo anymore, I admire their persistence to keep up with the Joneses.

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