Sad Little “Glow Worm”

If you don’t watch GIRLS on HBO (or for free online the day after,) I’m not exactly sure what your problem is but just know that you’re missing out on a fantastic show because two Golden Globes can’t be wrong. AskMen even approves.

It’s real. Raw. And so, so right. Everything about it is so mid-20’s-NY-GIRLS it’s not even funny. I don’t even live in Brooklyn, or a borough for that matter, and I empathize with every line, every scene…except maybe the wardrobe which I wish I had.

One season flew by and we’re now on Episode 2 of the 2nd season. Things are getting heated as we follow the recently laid-off Marnie, recently married Jessa, recently shacking-up-with-a-hottie “Shosh”, and the always opinionated, conflicted Hannah.

In this latest episode, Hannah and new roomie/gay ex-boyfriend from college Elijah are bonding in bed over recent drama. I don’t think I followed one word of that scene because Hannah is sitting there is what appears to be a sleeping bag with hoodie and holes for arms. Elijah ends the scene by saying she resembles a “sad little glow worm”.

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How perfect that the next few days are single digit temperatures here in NYC because all I want is said hoodie-sleeping-bag in my life right now. So I went to Googling “Hannah’s hoodie sleeping bag” and found this NY Mag article interviewing the costume designer of the show, Jenn Rogien.

The sleeping bag is called “The Napsack” – $130. Here’s Jenn’s take on it:

So, what was that orange glow worm outfit that Hannah [Lena Dunham] wore?

“It’s a sleeping bag, with armholes and a hood. And, believe it or not, it was actually in the script that Hannah was wearing a sleeping bag with armholes. I had no idea that such a thing actually existed. I was gearing up to make it myself, or buy an actual sleeping bag and alter it to have armholes, and then one of my team members went online and found company that makes them, called Poler.

Their website had this picture of this amusing hipster guy wearing the sleeping bag while making his breakfast. He was clearly using it as loungewear, which delighted me to no end. And I believe it’s made in Portland, which is brilliant. It was a very popular item on set. Everyone in our crew tried it on at one point or another.”

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Also, for reference because I didn’t immediately get it, what Elijah and NY Mag meant was “Gloworm” or “Glo Worm” like the stuffed little Hasbro children’s toy circa 1980’s, watch the commercial.

“The original toy, upon release, was such a success that Hasbro released a series of story books, night lights, videos and other merchandise that continued until the early 1990s. However, in late 2005, the product was criticized for harming children; its plastic head was softened with phthalates, which can be dangerous if swallowed by children” source.

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