Before You Throw It Out

I’m a big believer in great brands; companies and manufactures that make great products. I used to only think this in regards to my more expensive purchases, but I learned recently that a great brand/company that sticks to great customer service values will always take care of you while standing by their product with a lifetime guarantee, no ifs ands or buts.

I don’t know if it’s just me but I refuse to spend $15 or $120 on a product by a reputable manufacturer and have it fall apart in a matter of months. That is NOT OK in my book, ever. Furthermore, most companies will let you return the product at least once and repair it for you, free of charge as part of that outstanding customer service and lifetime warranty.

Do people not know that, or are people prone to just throw something out and get a new one? I can’t even imagine. Before you throw it out, check this.

Exhibit A: Hunter Boots’ side buckle came off from just every day wear within 2 weeks.
Exhibit B: UGGs started ripping at the seam, over a year of wear.
Exhibit C: Over 2 years of wear and Longchamp strap ripped off.

In every instance above (all purchases over $100), the stated brand acknowledged my plea regarding my love for the product and my non-guilty perspective on the damage and via conditions outlined on their sites were able to receive and assess the product damage and send me a brand new pair or the same product repaired.

That is customer service well done. Staying true to the reason they are in business, their customer. But also sticking to their product and replacing it or repairing it as necessary.

Adding to the exhibits? A purchase well under $20, my Totes Isotoner Umbrella.
If you ask me, Totes runs the umbrella game.

They are reliable, durable, and come in all sizes and styles. So when my Totes umbrella, purchased circa 2009 at a Staples on a rainy day, stopped retracting, I stopped using it. Did I throw it out? No; because I’m a hoarder. But also because I felt like,

“…I spent $15 on this umbrella, I can still use it… it just doesn’t stay closed but you never know when you might need an umbrella Suaz!”

One day I decided to check Totes’ warranty policy. For a $5 check, short letter, and $2-3 shipping fee at USPS, I returned my pretty polka dot umbrella.

Not only did they get back to me in less than 2 weeks, but they sent a brand new larger umbrella in the same style. I am just the happiest, most satisfied customer ever.


As previously mentioned, before you throw it out, go look online or call their customer service. More often than not, they have a solution and will take care of you!

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