Grand Central Whisper Gallery

Mystery solved. Jesus, finally!

Not that I commute as often through Grand Central Station anymore, but I remember several times coming in through the downstairs tracks and coming up to see groups of people hovered in the corners of the arches on the mid-level, between downstairs and main level – by the Oyster Bar.

I always wondered what in the hell they were doing facing the corners? Was it some kind of marketing event? Was it coincidence? WHAT THE HELL ARE YOU DOING?
How do I even Google it? By the time I’d head out of GCT or towards the Subway I’d forget anyway so I never found out.

Thanks to skimming Pinterest today I stumbled on the answer on this pin, which was pinned from A Cup of Jo. It’s a Whisper Gallery! Here I am thinking the St Paul’s whispering gallery is the coolest, and I have one in my backyard!

“You walk to the corridor outside the famous Oyster Bar & Restaurant. You’ll see four low arches, built by a father and son back in 1913…

If you and a friend stand at diagonal corners of the arches (so you’re the farthest apart you can be), and whisper softly, you’ll be able to HEAR each other–as clearly as if you were whispering into each other’s ears!”

Wow, I feel so enlightened and happy I know this now! Check out more photos of people whispering here. Can’t wait to go try it out!

Did you know about this whisper gallery? Have you tried it? Did it work for you? Leave a reply below!  

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