My New York state of mind.

My Song of the End of Summer

My Labor Day Weekend was pretty fantastic, I mean… have you seen my recent instagram posts? I visited all of the following NYC bars and thankfully made it home safe and in one piece last night, minus my voice. I think I left it at Reunion. Saturday – Manny’s on 2nd (Ohio State football game) – […]


Greenpoint BK Instagram Diary

Thanks to a work-related photoshoot, I’ve had the pleasure of venturing to Greenpoint BK for the first time. I’m definitely unfamiliar with any and all of Brooklyn, but I’m excited to have the opportunity explore new sights within my NYC! I know, I have a great eye for photography right? Follow me for more.


Euro-Vandals & Tagged Up Subway Cars

It has come to my attention that Europeans from Germany, Italy, France, Spain, Switzerland, Denmark and Norway, come to NYC to vandalize, or well, tag up/ create a “piece”, on subway cars for street cred back home. According to Gothamist, a few years ago, a Daily News report found that 70% of elaborate subway car graffiti is created […]


I Can Totally Be an NYC Tour Guide

Mom lives in the UK now and as the “New Yorker” her co-workers around the world will now rely on her for NYC “must-see” recommendations if/when they travel to NYC. Very exciting with the exception that my mom worked in west-bumble-F New Jersey for several years before she moved, and she isn’t as in tune and she […]


Grand Central Whisper Gallery

Mystery solved. Jesus, finally! Not that I commute as often through Grand Central Station anymore, but I remember several times coming in through the downstairs tracks and coming up to see groups of people hovered in the corners of the arches on the mid-level, between downstairs and main level – by the Oyster Bar. I […]


Kale In Me Softly: Blogologues

I featured them on my “Currently Obsessed” last week and for good reason. “Blogologues”, by Lively Productions, is a must see show and I can say that with authority because I saw the 11th production of Blogologues last week and it was amazing. This production was titled “Kale In Me Softly” and like the last […]