To Die Dreaming and Be Dominican

Not just because it’s Dominican Independence Day (you all know how I feel about being Dominican,) but I really wanted a Morir Sonado today since my drink choices are limited having given up diet coke and coffee for Lent.

So I hopped down to Floridita, the amazing Cuban restaurant that just opened directly below my office, to order the heavenly drink Dominicans drink like water called a “Morir Sonando” translation: to die dreaming.

“Morir Soñando (Die dreaming) is a popular beverage of the Dominican Republic which has made its way to other ethnically Hispanic countries, usually made of orange juicemilkcane sugar, and chopped ice. Sometimes vanilla extract is also added, or evaporated milk is used instead of regular milk” – source

It is very similar to orange ice cream, think… CREAMSICLE! So good.



And for your Dominican Independence Day giggles,
feel free to skim through  

PS/ how convenient that Washington Heights on MTV is on Wednesday nights?!
I wonder if they’ll be celebrating? It’ll probably just be Dominicans hyper-drive.

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