Fashion is Concerning Me

This is simply my opinion but in reviewing Marie Claire’s “50 Spring Things” I honestly made this face whilst flipping through at least 10-15 of the pieces.


“Fashion” is concerning me. Why can’t we keep it simple anymore?
Like what are those Birkenstock-looking-furry things? I’m just not sure what’s going on. Love the 
gladiator look of a sandal for spring, but for an arm-watch? That looks like it will rip off every hair on my arm… guess it’s best for those that wax their arms? Who knows.

Maybe it’s just me. I guess there’s nothing exciting or topical about jeans and cardigans with flats. I’m simple. Even when I try to trend it up for things like weekend brunch, I still go for very basic pieces. Less is more. Is it just me though? 

Speak your mind and “Leave a Reply” below! 

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