Mission Kohl’s: Hassle-Free Returns

About 2 weeks ago, I had the pleasure of nearly tripping on my way walking to work because my fairly new Simply Vera leather boots’ heel ripped off.

“You’ve got to be kidding me @verawanggang for @kohls – I got these on #blackfriday! Oh there WILL be a #blogpost about this! #simplyvera”

Kohl’s to the Rescue! Kohls’ awesome social media customer service community managers saw the @mention via Twitter, as I tagged them in the Instagram photo, and replied to me on the photo ON Instagram! Isn’t that awesome?

The convo started as follows:

kohls “Oh no! I’m very sorry that happened. Please take advantage of our hassle-free returns and take them back to your nearest Kohl’s store. For more details about our returns: http://ctx.ly/r/1fojh

la_suazo @kohls thanks guys! Hope they don’t give me issues!”

That very night I went straight to the store. Kohl’s kept commenting to assure I would be able to return them:

kohls “I’m happy to call your store. Where are you?”

la_suazo @kohls you guys are awesome! I’m going to the one in Yonkers, NY. I was just there 30 mins ago with my 2 cc’s, turns out my mom bought them for me on her kohls charge – so I came home to get it. Headed back now…”

Not that I didn’t trust Kohl’s, but I thought I’d put their customer service to the test. I present to you, Mission Kohl’s: Hassle-free Returns

Friends even chimed in…

1800askdoug “Wow @kohls. That’s some customer service!”

  • la_suazo “

  •  I’m all set, they credited my moms charge a I got new flats! No more boots available :/ happy nonetheless, video to come!”
  • kohls 

  • @la_suazo So glad to hear that everything worked out. At least you got some new flats out of the ordeal”

Kohl’s is really on point with their social media game and I have to send them major kudos! Kohl’s social peeps, if you’re reading this, I would LOVE to work with you guys. You’ve got the social media customer service game locked DOWN. From initiating the “report”, following up throughout, and closing it, all the while keeping moi, the customer, happy. Another great example of social media done RIGHT.

I’m also super happy with my new flats that I bought with the refund. While they are also Simply Vera, I’m hoping they won’t crap out on me! Thanks again Kohl’s!


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