The Hardest Part of Breaking Up

Anybody remember 2Gether’s “The Hardest Part of Breaking Up”? Here’s a snippit,

breaking up is hard enough. (oh, oh, oh, oh)
say you have nothing,
but i called your bluff.
you got my sweaters,
my hat,
i can’t find my cat (meow!)
the hardest part of breaking up,
is getting back your stuff.

Whether you remember the song or not, breaking up IS hard enough and dealing with the days that follow suck even more. Screw just getting your stuff back, how about when they unfollow your social channels? I’m probably completely delusional  because I’m so “connected” and social media is such a part of my life but he unfollowed me today and it kind of hammers it home that he wants me out of his life and it hurts something awful.

I’m going to get my stuff back tomorrow and I’m super nervous. I agree with 2Gether that it’s definitely one of the hardest parts of breaking up, because all the anger and tears aside, you have to see that person one final time.

We’re so jaded, or maybe just I am. As if breaking up over text should even be acceptable. Either way, as soon as those words are texted it’s over. You change their name in your phone. You start deleting pictures and stuff that reminds you of them. It’s incredible how one day everything is fine and the next it’s gone. A light switch.

Being the overly kind person that I am though, I believe in finding a way to stay friends, like, still following each others’ social channels. Well because months from now there’s no reason why you can’t share laughs and/or engage on Facebook etc. Or am I just a stalker? Sorry, talking aloud here.

I’ve gone ahead and asked the internet for help. Thought I’d share some of my findings… well, because, I can’t be the only one that was recently dumped, on the curb, with the garbage.

First, when it comes to hoping music by the likes of Adele or Kelly Clarkson will help you? Think again and read my breaking up song strategy.

Second, this breakup survival kit by Sheri Meyers:

1. Meditate, don’t medicate.
2. Eat healthfully and regularly.
3. Get plenty of sleep.
4. Exercise your blues away.
5. Feel your feelings.
6. Surround yourself with smiles and happy vibes.
7. Stop obsessing.
8. Take a 60-second vacation.
9. Gratitude is grounding.
10. Give to others.

Read more about each survival tactic here.

Third, some phrases to say aloud which can help (source.)

1. “I love myself”
2. “I want to be happy”
3. “F*ck him/her”

4. “I always hated his dumb hair cut”
5. “I am better off without him or her, because…”
6. “It has been x days since we broke up, and I feel…”
7. “I will find someone better”

Or maybe I can just stare at this quote hard enough and I’ll learn to let go? Do some psychotherapy on myself? Sadly, letting go to anything in my life is one of the hardest things for me to do.

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