Room Makeover: TJMaxx Inspiration

What better way to spend a Sunday morning than moseying through TJMaxx at the new beautiful outdoor mall near mi casa, Ridge Hill.

By choice 7-8 years ago, my bedroom walls are a Pepto Bismol pink. That has to change… like yesterday. I’ve spent the last couple of months pinning photos of how I can make over my room to reflect a more-mature ME bedroom that I do not want to leave every morning.

Screen shot 2013-04-07 at 3.11.44 PM

I’ve been slow to kickoff the project because I’d like someone to give me an idea of how to rearrange everything but I’m going to just give it a go myself and I cannot wait to get started.

I’m going to get rid of some clunky furniture (night stand, bookshelf, and hidden computer desk,) and bring in some great statement pieces like a cafer chair (or chaise or chair and a half) a great rug, pillows etc.

Pieces like these which I saw today at TJMaxx:


1. Beige Cafer 249.99 2. Wooden Quote Wall Decor $19.99 3. Accent Table 199.99 (steep for my blood but it if tickles your fancy…) 4. One-sided Ruffle Pillows $12.99 each 5. Decorative Hat Boxes $5.99 each 6. Wood Letters $5.99 each

Thanks to these lovely inspirational pieces, I’m starting my room next weekend!

I have a lot to do before I even think about furniture and Spring cleaning though like plastering, caulking, and painting which is totally necessary:

– Caulk crown molding and baseboards
– Plaster cracks
– Caulk gaps in wood floor near floorboards
– Paint crown molding
– Repaint Ceiling
– Paint Walls

I’ll totally document the process here on Suazmo so stayed tuned!


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