Washington D.C. Instagram Diary

I spent Friday night and Saturday in D.C. and it was such a fun mini-cation! I haven’t been to D.C since a middle school trip, then again in college – a day trip to watch a documentary. It was so incredible to see something like the White House again which looked SO much smaller than I remember!

A quick $40 (round trip via Megabus) 4-hour ride (from NYC) and you’re in a refreshing and clean city full of a hodgepodge of curious folk and historic landmarks. I highly recommend this quick getaway for anyone!

Key takeaways: 

– Nightlife bottle service, sucks. Do not compare it to NYC, ever.
– Matchbox, the restaurant, is FANTASTIC. Fuddruckers is pretty good too.
– Cab drivers are really nice and will take you 3 blocks because it’s down pouring – they don’t mind.
– The Metro (subway) uses these archaic machines that make zero sense – why can’t I buy a single ride? Can I get a touchscreen?

Here’s an instagram diary of photos, enjoy.

Union Station < Grand Central
the birthday girl (right) and I at the Grand Hyatt
chinatown arch
fuddruckers’ amazing soda machine


Abe and I
Abe in all his glory

image_11 image_12

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