Hey Ladies, You Should Read Bro Blogs

We need to stop prying and trying to understand our “guys” so much (note my careful use of a word other than “men”,) and instead read what they read to try to understand them. I feel as though this may be the smartest and most strategic way to connect the dots.

Take for instance Bro Bible’s latest “Ask a Bro”. Head Bro in Charge was asked,

“What is the best way to go about breaking up with a girl who hasn’t done anything particularly wrong. She’s a great girlfriend and everything, but I am just ready to move on to bigger and better things and am having a hard time articulating an explanation.”

These were HBIC’s suggestions:

Do it at her house or apartment.
I once had a roommate foolishly break up with a girl at our house. She wouldn’t leave; she needed the timeless question of “WHY?” answered. Out of desperation, HE started to cry and stormed out of the house like he couldn’t take it anymore. He is a flawed human being…and a true piece of shit for leaving me to clean up his mess of an ex. However, I have to applaud his move because it was of the bold flavored variety.

Don’t tell her the truth.
Of course you’re ditching her to find better, but she doesn’t need to know that. That’s like taking a shit on her chest and then rubbing it in her face. Leave her with some dignity for Christ’s sake.

Make her believe this is a good idea.
When she asks why you’re doing this immediately ask her if she would have [preferred] you not say anything and waste more of her time by leading her on?

– Don’t look back.
You know she is crushed, but she will get over this. Women are resilient. They figure out how to clean the shit off their chest and move on with their lives. But the more you keep in contact with her, the longer that recovery will take.

Don’t hook up with or bring home a girl right in front of her face for a few months. That’s just polite.

It’s kind of like how Steve Harvey threw men under the bus with “Think Like a Man,” this puppy throws the immature “dudes” in their mid-20’s under the bus.

So ladies, if you’re trying to date, or are dating, said misguided immature “dudes,” read blogs like Bro Bible. I promise it will all make sense. Not just that, but you’ll be prepared for being broken up with, for example, and how dudes will handle you in the process. You’re Welcome. 

| read the entire post on Bro Bible here |

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