On Traveling Alone

“The world is a book and those who do not travel read only one page.”  ― Augustine of Hippo

My friends are dropping like flies on our big plan to escape to a Caribbean Island for a weekend in July and I find it incredibly unacceptable. Sure they’re dropping for medical reasons, but I still want and need a relaxing, super-sun, and beautiful-beach, getaway and if I have to go alone… so be it.

My friends seem to think traveling alone is inadmissible; thank god I don’t always listen to them. I march to my own drum, and guess what?

There is nothing wrong with traveling alone.
I’ve done it before, and will do it again because I don’t care what people think. I love hotels, and flying and discovering new places.

We see it in movies all the time: man needs some alone time, ends up at same resort as ex – Forgetting Sarah Marshall; four girls rob diner to send themselves on vacation…end up doing drugs and joining a drug lord in his endeavors to take out another drug lord (Spring Breakers.) Then there are normal folk, like moi, that simply want to lay on a beach with an IV drip of alcohol and food.

Everyone just wants to ESCAPE. Alone, or with friends, out of desperation or relaxation, they just want a breath of life-paused even if just for a couple of days.

Even Carolyn Gregoire, writer for HuffPo, agrees on her post on
“Traveling Alone: 5 Stress-Relieving Benefits Of Solo Journeys”:

John Steinbeck once said,

“People don’t take trips -– trips take people.”

A solo trip, in particular, can have lasting benefits…some of the best travel memoirs ever penned tell stories of travelers finding themselves while getting lost on their own.

Carolyn explores the following solo-journey benefits:

1. Opportunity To Cultivate Mindfulness
2. Alleviate Depression
3. Foster New Social Connections
4. Relax As Much As You Want
5. Plenty Of Time For Reflection & Introspection

In conclusion, with help from either Groupon Getaways or Living Social Escapes, with friends or without, I will be laid up on a beach and island I’ve never been to, in July for a weekend. I will be super happy, super relaxed, and super stress-free.

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