I Actually Love Lucy

Lucy Ricardo

Thanks to my recent Optimum – Cablevision upgrade to “Gold” I now have all these ridiculous channels I’ve never had before. I did the upgrade for Showtime & Shameless but apparently upgrading entirely versus JUST the Showtime channel is a great deal — so obviously I had to GO GOLD.

Among my new channels is the Hallmark Channel, which, to my inner child, is incredibly exciting; mostly thanks to the marathons of I Love Lucy.

Black and white TV shows are so fun to watch. I feel as though they keep me grounded and keep the many many privileges I have in perspective. Take for example, cell phones. Had Lucy had even a basic mobile phone, or a more-mobile form of communication, she could have saved herself from so many mishaps with Ricky.

And things like saving money, or just having money. Both Lucy and Ethel were LUCKY if Ricky or Fred let them spend money. Anti-feminist as it sounds, I wouldn’t mind not having to work every once in a blue. Only spending the money I’m given? I think it makes us more humble and grateful for the small things we can buy with that money.

Anywho… I really do LOVE Lucy. Thank you Optimum and Hallmark. Thanks to you both I can enjoy all of these episodes and moments all over again.


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