Weekend Finds

During a Memorial Day Weekend (MDW) shopping extravaganza we scoured the new and fab Ridge Hill outdoor shopping mall, during which I discovered a couple of hidden gems that I just had to share with you.

Among the H&M’s, Victoria Secret’s and Apple’s, we stumbled into Charming Charlie, the amusement park of accessories. They literally carry everything from tiaras to handbags, and everything in between.

While I didn’t purchase this tiara, I fell in LOVE with it, obvi.

photo 1

I also picked up these sweet little necklaces; a mini engagement ring and “love”.
Do you love?

photo 2

Thanks to MDW sales, we also stumbled into the Gap where I found another hidden treasure: Gap nail polishThese pups were on sale at $3 each! Not sure what the name of the Orange polish is but it dries a darker Creamsicle or Apricot – perfect for the Summer. I’m totally in love with the color, but also with the style of the bottle.

I think that the best DIY mani is all about how comfortable you are with the brush and the shape of the head of the bottle, am I right? This big(er) squircle head, compared to Essie’s for example, fits perfectly within my fingers for optimal application! 

Who knew the Gap carried nail polish? 


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