JCPenney & Hitler

Did you guys hear about this? This JCPenney billboard in California?

[click to read more]
Apparently everyone driving by it thinks it has a “striking resemblance with Adolf Hitler.”
It honestly took me a while to really see it, and now that I do… I can see why people would think that.


But Jesus, talk about beating a dead horse. Poor JCPenney is already struggling so much with their consumers. Why punish them for a design resemblance that’s a real STRETCH of the imagination to begin with? I agree, maybe not the smartest product to feature on a gargantuan billboard, but why don’t we cut them some slack this time around?

If you don’t care about owning a really cool tea kettle that, when stared at for a long period of time, might maybe resemble Hitler, it’s available on for $40.

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