Hello, Warby Parker

I can’t sit here and complain about my Acuvue 2 week disposable contacts because I always wear them longer than I’m supposed to so the following problem is totally my fault; between allergies, end-of-day dryness, and just my dirty hands, my contacts have been on my LAST NERVE.

What sucks most is that I’d like to give my eyes a rest from the contacts but I don’t have a pair of eyeglasses that I feel entirely confident in walking out of the house.

Cue the never-ending eyeglass search. Problem is my head is pretty big and my eyes are set pretty far apart. Finding frames is a nightmare, I mean I barely have sunglasses due to the same problem.

I’ve recently found a pair of Ray Bans at Lenscrafters that work but thanks to my insurance not covering prescription eyeglasses I haven’t purchased them due to the price. I was approved for some GE financing thing but I totally don’t need another purchase I can’t currently afford… but, but I need glasses!

Thanks to my handy-dandy network of friends, @jperri13 and @kaylalamoriarty especially, I was advised to check out Warby Parker, most notably known for their $95 eyeglasses (price includes frames and prescriptive lenses,) and their home try-on system.

I signed up this morning and started looking through lenses. Naturally, no matter the color or Men vs Women styles, filtering by “Wide” narrowed down the search big time. The 5 styles below are the ones I’ll be receiving at home to try-on and God willing one pair will fit just right!

Other than the $1 validation fee on my credit card, the process is entirely free! Stay tuned and subscribe to my Youtube in the meantime – I’ll obvi make this a social experience and hopefully you guys can help me a choose a pair!



Thanks Warby!

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