Grad School & Laptop Cases

With grad school around the corner, my Macbook will need to travel with me most days of the week again… because who uses actual notebooks anymore? Actually, I still prefer pen and paper, never mind that question. I have a white Macbook, little ol’ 13 in. I’ve thought of investing in a Macbook Pro because […]


Hello, Warby Parker

I can’t sit here and complain about my Acuvue 2 week disposable contacts because I always wear them longer than I’m supposed to so the following problem is totally my fault; between allergies, end-of-day dryness, and just my dirty hands, my contacts have been on my LAST NERVE. What sucks most is that I’d like […]


Burberry Body

Friendly reminder email from Burberry BODY that I really wanted to share, especially because I forgot to blog about my experience when I initially got my exclusive sample in the mail! I wrote about Burberry’s strategy for PR Diva because I thought it was an awesome digital campaign. Everything about the execution was on point… Burberry is a […]