Positano in October

A little birdie’s been a’whisperin’ in my ear and it sounds like I have an awesome opportunity to travel to my homeland, (ok fine) my wannabe homeland, in October. To sunbathe on the Amalfi Coast is such a dream of mine. Ever since my first trip to Italy and Naples when I had the chance to visit the Blue Grotto off the island of Capri, I knew I had to get my butt in that water and ON that coast. Sadly, an awfully rainy day took us to Pompeii instead of Capri and Blue Grotto. Moreover, it’s obvious that a return to Italia is necessary.

I may be getting ahead of myself, as the flight isn’t purchased yet, but could you please look at this beautiful piece of land and water and architecture?




Images courtesy of Google image search, Positano.

Thank you God for places like Positano. Without them, where would we dream of traveling to? How would we create such beautiful, lively, and colorful photography? I hope I am blessed to walk the sands and roads of Positano this October. If I may add to that prayer, I hope I am also able to get on a boat and finally visit the Blue Grotto which has become another big dream of mine.

I mean, because, why not?



Images courtesy of Google image search, blue grotto.

For those that aren’t familiar with this majestic sea cave:

The Blue Grotto (Italian: Grotta Azzurra) is a sea cave on the coast of the island of Capri, southern Italy. Sunlight, passing through an underwater cavity and shining through the seawater, creates a blue reflection that illuminates the cavern.

The Blue Grotto is one of several sea caves, worldwide, that is flooded with a brilliant blue or emerald light. The quality and nature of the color in each cave is determined by the unique lighting conditions in that particular cave.

In other news, I just stumbled on Ms. Lulu of Berry Diaries whom recently traveled to the Amalfi Coast, specifically Capri Island and Sorrento. Her posts and photos just made me SO excited. I should just buy that flight now right?

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