Buffalo Shoes May Be Back

Apparently, if you wanna be my lover, you gotta get with my shoes. Sorry for the cheese line, but there’s no other reason Miley and hot-Robin-Thicke-model-dancer are rockin’ the same pair of white platforms in these two recent music videos. My dear friends, it seems these platform sneakers are trying to make a comeback. Question is, will it stick?


The Spice Girls are the proud mommy’s of the trend from back in their pop days, and I think they’d be elated to know that American’s may embrace it nearly 10 years later.

What I initially thought to be a flatform or platform, these “sneakers” (for lack of a better term,) are a style called “buffalo shoes” after their original German designer, Buffalo. Sadly though, just as they were made famous by the girls, they also fell into oblivion with the girls after their 1998 breakup.

Like every other group revival, the girls performed together again at the 2012 Olympics; suffice it to say they passed on the buffalo shoes and wore heels. I’m almost positive that after that performance, a PR person somewhere in the mix had a “great” idea:  If everyone still loves the Spice Girls, they’ve got to still love buffalo shoes, right?! 

Thanks to that PR person, the buffalo shoes are for sale again online. According to dailymail.co.uk,

The European firm [Buffalo] has collaborated with U.S. e-commerce site Solestruck, on a limited-edition line of stacked sneakers for men and women, called So Happy Together. Polka dots, flashes of neon, metallic and leopard print are key features of the rubber-soled shoes, which promise to increase the wearer’s height by up to four inches.

The website states that his [Ty McBride – Solestruck Creative Director] main aim was ‘revival’, and to bring the ‘brand back – in full force’. Circa 1996, Buffalo shoes were a must-have for young girls around the world thanks to the Spice Girls.

So, the question stands:

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