Just as I’m thinking of new threads for the Fall, I think I need new hair too; thanks Babe Walker for igniting the “Hairspiration” in me:

Like Thinspo, Fitspo, etc., Hairspo is a collection of images meant to give you something to aspire to and the motivation to reach above and beyond what you thought was possible. Read more.

As you might already know, I’m all about long luscious locks – the style fashioned by every Kardashian-Jenner. That being said, I’m looking for more of a color change than a dramatic cut.

I’m thinking¬†ombre.

But I feel like I missed the boat on the ombre style right? Do trends matter? I mean, what else would I do without looking ridiculous? Then there’s the question of getting it done right and by whom? DIY? Or let a friend do it? So many questions, so little f-bombs to give. Either way, here’s some of my current hairspo:

Shay Mitchell, because, I mean… obviously.

Khloe Kardashian, also obvious.

Lea Michele because L’Oreal can’t be wrong.

Demi Lovato because she sings this song, and I love her.

I also obviously pin my favorite hairstyles on my “Hair” pinterest board.


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