Weekend Recap: Instagram Diary

I had kind of had an awesome weekend and thought I’d share some Instagram lovin’ from it! Check it check it – kicked off Friday with a quick 6PM $27 gel mani at a nail salon I stumbled upon – perfect right?


Shortly after, I gracefully made my way to The Seaport to meet the girls for a Happy Hour on the boardwalk. While Sequoia (previously awesome HH locale) did not reopen after Sandy, Pacific Grill has an outdoor bar with $7 margaritas, Miami Vice’s, daiquiri’s and more. You’re welcome… for the drink special info, as well as this photo.  I mean, look at this view.


Then things got dark and slightly blurred aka “selfie’s with the skyline” time. But really though, everyone should go to the Beekman Beer Garden at least once a month (in the Spring/Summer) just to take in the amazing view and city that we have the privilege of living in.


Got home at 3AM Saturday morning after a couple of stumbles into some fabulous gay clubs. Moreover, I did nothing but mope, clean, and start rearranging the furniture in my room during the day. I also grilled some eggplant I found in the fridge; definitely a first but pretty yummy none-the-less.


Sunday was far more exciting and relaxing. I went “down the shore” New Jersey for the first time with a couple of my besties!


Not really all the way down… but to Manasquan aka SO BEAUTIFUL.



In a semi-sun-semi-alcohol induced stupor we even decided to take our own hot dogs or legs pic. Isn’t it perfect? Look just like hot dogs!


My Sunday ended plopped on the coach live-tweeting, and watching Miley Cyrus ruin teenage girls/society, during the VMA’s.


? Probably not as action-packed right? #SorryImNotSorry

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