Nail Salon Nightmares: Dear “Cindy”

Dear “Cindy” (I know that’s not your real name) from D&C Nail Salon on Central Ave in Yonkers, I don’t know if you slept wrong, were hungover, maybe hungry? Maybe you didn’t like my color choice, OPI “Black Onyx”, or maybe you didn’t like my pretty toes and stubbly calves?

Maybe you have eternal awful resting-bitch face, or just hate your life overall? I truly have no idea what your problem is, but what I do know is that your attitude this morning was so stank – unnecessary and quite rude.

This is not Cindy – source: latimesblog

The moment I sat in the chair you were disgruntled, muttered something in Vietnamese and angrily started with my toes. You did all the main steps in about 3-4 minutes. THREE TO FOUR MINUTES! A decent pedicure should take at least 15 minutes! Am I right?

You’re lucky you’re good at applying the polish because otherwise, someone in that salon would have heard a rant worse than this. Granted it was a mani pedi for $20 but you know what… maybe I could have tipped you $10 on that. Did you think about that? Probably not. Can’t imagine what goes on amidst your angry dark thoughts and hatred towards my toes. Guess you’ll never know though will you? Because I was so unhappy that I only tipped you $4; the total was $32 not $20.

I really hope that made you even more angry.

We then proceeded to wax at which point you were still angry. You cracked a smile for half a second when I was re-dressing, probably only because you wanted me to hurry up so you could get out of the room.

Subsequently, the mani was equally as rushed. Did you even notice that you barely filed a couple nails? Literally just completely missed the nail and filed my skin. I can’t.

“Cindy” I think you need a break from for a little bit. In the meantime, tell your boss that thanks to you, I’ll never go back to D&C Nail Salon.

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