Friday Funny: Polina, the Spam Chic

Thought I’d share this totally believable spam email that slipped through my AOL spam blockers. I find spam to be such a mystery. I’ve asked this time and time again, and I’ll ask it once more,

What’s the point?  Do you really think I’m going to click on your bogus link? What info are you getting if/when I open it? I just honestly don’t understand…

Any who, Polina here decided to reach out the other day. I thought that maybe she was lez-bi honest until I kept reading and it sounds like she’s actually looking for the man of her heart? She knows my name is Alexandra… perhaps that’s a male name in other countries? Or maybe Polina is just a little confused? I don’t know. Either way, this is poorly written, she will not “make happy” with me, and she will not get a “soon answer” from me.

Keep it moving Polina.


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