I Broke Tears for Breaking Bad

You know a show is well done when you’ve never watched an episode and you manage to cry during the series finale.

Last night, after I watched the Jets lose to the Titans and the movie Couples Retreat, my sister told me that she’d be changing the channel to AMC by 9PM to watch it. Since I do not have a lounge chair or desk in my room yet to do my school work, I was forced to hang in the living room and watch; I need to start this bedroom makeover STAT.

I was immediately completely intrigued. I closed my laptop, because I knew I’d get zero “reading” done, and watched with her. I cried like a child!

Mainly because I’m so emphatic, but also because I could see the pain in this man’s eyes. It was evident that things were coming to an end because he was trying to make everything right with everyone: leave $9M to my family, threaten the dbags, kill all the bad guys, see my wife/baby for the last time, see my son for the last time, free the good guy, and then die exactly where and how it all started.

Now I’m all like…











Meanwhile, Breaking Bad fans, like my coworker @KaylalaMoriarty, are going through serious post mortem emotional feelings:


In addition to her feelings this morning,

I got the closure I needed to go to work today, but am wallowing in my despair of the destruction and loss it took to get here.
I am starting a breaking bad support group.
Walter White will make an excellent new zombie in the Walking Dead.
I swear to god, if Homeland pulls this shit, I will just die.
Breaking Bad is the #1 reason I am in support of Obamacare.
Breaking Bad made meth sexy again.
Where is Huell?????

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