Brick and Mortar Girl

This may come as a surprise to a lot of you, but in all my social-media- life-sharing-digital-prowess there lies a girl who loves to disconnect sometimes and do things unlike everyone might typically do them nowadays. I’m an old soul y’all and truth be told? I had never ordered from Amazon, or any online shopping really, before this week.

I’m a brick and mortar girl! I LOVE malls, crowded sale racks, shopping bags, dressing rooms, receipts, savings etc. Does anyone not love these things like I do?

Anyway, I’m writing to admit that I ordered for the first time from Amazon this week! My order happened to be a bunch of books for school so I got Amazon Prime which entitled me to a special 2-day delivery deal for students!


Turns out that receiving a package after ordering online is as exciting as like… Christmas! Seriously. Part of me was like… “ooh, what did I get?!” As if I didn’t get 3 shipping alerts regarding my order having been delivered. Will I order again? Absolutely. But I don’t know that I could just quickly jump to ordering clothes and shoes. That’ll take time friends.

Do you prefer shopping online to the old brick & mortar?


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