Fall/Winter Abrigo

Abrigo is the Spanish word for overcoat or jacket.

It’s getting cold in NYC and I need a Fall/Winter abrigo! I recently bought an olive green military style jacket at Target but it’s sooo spring/light jacket that I’m almost mad I spent the money on it. (Don’t sweat it, Suaz..) I know, I know. Anyway, I do need something new for the season and I need to buy it ASAP. Big thanks to Who What Wear for this “Coat Week” roundup! Don’t you love some of these coats?

source: whowhatwear

I heart the middle left jacket and I need it stat, but I also love the pink double-breasted on the top left. Below are some other options I really loved from the slideshow.

Have you bought a winter coat yet? Which are your favorites? Please share – I need ideas!

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