I Will Be Young & Alive in 2014

4 days ago, on January 4th, Christine Deakers graced The Blog on Huff Po with a post on “How to be Young & Alive in 2014”.  After reading her advice, I felt inspired, humbled, and so so happy and anxious to get started on my new year. Moreover, sharing and re-posting the advice for all of you was necessary.

We all need to thank Christine and do everything she says. Below are her 18 different pieces of advice.

1. Stop dating people you don’t have chemistry with.

2. Life is too short for longing.

3. Don’t mistake certain inconvenience for romance.

4. Don’t ever be the person who says, “let’s do lunch.”

5. Have more sleepovers with friends and share a bed.

6. Be awesome at approximately three karaoke songs.

7. Live your online life like your real life.

8. Don’t indulge in FOMA (Fear of Missing Out).

9. Live off the grid from time to time to rejuvenate from the “smart” world.

10. Announce your goals to people. Start telling people what you want to pursue over your current day job.

11. Don’t use the word “just” and stop saying “sorry.”

12. Get your finances in order.

13. Prioritize yourself and wake up with the mantra, “You’re a badass bitch from hell and ain’t nobody going to bring you down.”

14. You’re also a candy precious angel-human hybrid.

15. Positivity is magnetic and the best investment you can accrue for yourself.

16. Continue to build memories with the people that make you laugh and make you a better person.

17. Never leave a good party early.

18. There are mornings when you wake up strangely early; this is the world telling you to take inventory on your life.

Click here to read more the entire post.
PS: I highly suggest you read the post.

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