Sweet or Savory

Funny moment on my flight from NYC to London last week that I just had to share. It was a moment similar to Cady’s thoughts in Mean Girls about her first time at the mall and how it reminded her of being in Africa by a watering hole:

I’m on the flight, which I spent 3 hours of watching The Wolf of Wall Street and another bit eating breakfast (morning flight)/reading/sleeping, when suddenly my flight mates and I were awakened by the flight attendant for last-minute drinks and snacks.


“SWEET OR SAVORY”, asked the flight attendant, for a second time, to a foreigner a few seats ahead of me. Sweet or savory, on a British airline, refers to having a sweet snack (like a cake) or a savory snack (like salty pretzels and crackers).

It was so funny to me how:

A. people wake right up for food! It’s as if they’ve been starved of food for days…and,

B. how people inquire so intensely about each. What is in the savory? REALLY? Does it really matter? It’s not sweet. So if you’re sooo hungry, and you don’t want sweet – grab the savory. Chances are you’re going to inhale it the moment you open it anyway right?!

We’re just a bunch of animals, seriously.

Thanks for listening friends, and hey(!) stay tuned… more from my Easter Italia trip to come! Not subscribed? Click that “+Follow” button on the bottom right. xo

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