Bum Ex-Boyfriends

You know what gets my undies in a bunch? Bum ex-boyfriends that surface out of nowhere with apologies and pleads of personal improvement, and “I really want you to know how much I’ve changed” statements.

Nice girl that I am, I totally entertain it but you know what? In the future, I have to be a nice big B and shut it down before it has the chance to spiral into… his recent ex, or not-so-ex, sees that he’s been texting me, steals my number from his phone and texts me a “fair warning” about said bum ex-boyfriend. Yes, friends, that happened.

Since then, last week, I’ve deleted that text from his psycho as well as all the texts from him; sayonara nice to know ya’.

In the future, I’ll just reply like one of these people did:


Thank you BuzzFeed for these screengrabs.


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