Shark Week

I’m one of those people who has total respect for the ocean and everything that lives in it; I don’t even EAT anything that comes from the water. And so, as I walk to and from work every day eyeing this massive Shark Week billboard…

…that, for lack of better words, AdWeek describes as a “Chum-Tossing Celebration of Carnivorous Delights”, I can’t help but think,

What is so fascinating about sharks?! Have I missed something huge because I’ve never seen Jaws? I should probably watch Jaws. But I’m such a beach bum… will I be forever scared to get in the water if I watch Jaws? I probably shouldn’t watch it…right?

I never really knew Shark Week was even a “thing”, especially not for young dainty women, until I met my ex-co-worker Kayla who has a strange irreversible passion for sharks.

As she quotes on her blog (that a friend of hers once said),

Shark Week is the closest thing Kayla has to a religion.

Meanwhile, this weeklong programming has been around since before I was born! Actually, I was 1 month and 5 days old when it first aired but you get what I mean.

The Discovery Channel’s Shark Week, first broadcast on July 17, 1987, is a weeklong series of feature television programs dedicated to sharks. Held annually, normally in July or August, Shark Week was originally developed to raise awareness and respect for sharks. It is the longest-running cable television programming event in history. – Read more on Wikipedia.

So, in all my curious stupor, I’ve decided that maybe I’ll actually take part and ride this Shark Week ride this year. It starts August 10th (have you seen the trailer?) and I’m thinking this will be a great crash course. What better way to learn how to swim than to just jump in the deep end? Amiright?

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