The Warby Parker’s I’ll Never Have

I meant to rave all about my new 20/20 vision (thanks to TLC Laser Eye Centers) but my #gradschoolproblems are serious and I have like no time to write! It actually makes me really sad that I can’t vent and rant with the interwebs as much as I used to.

Either way, I thought I’d throw something together today because I checked out Warby Parker’s new Fall frame collection, the “Corner Collection”, and I’m kind of jealous that I don’t need glasses anymore.

WarbyParker - new frames

Remember that time I got 5 frames to try but none really worked? I had given up on Warby Parker a bit but some of these frames kind of got me excited again. If only I needed prescription frames again!

JK! Love my new eyes (!) but for those of you still wondering whether you should get new eyeglasses you should get your butts, and $95, over to Warby Parker for a new trendy pair. PS: especially loving the clear frame! I wouldn’t get the round ones but the rectangular “Nash Crystal” are perfection.

Thanks, Warby, for being so cool and trendy.

Speaking of cool and trendy: check out the cutest little gourd I bought today and my awesome photo styling skills.

Gourde_La_Suazo - Insta
Happy Fall!

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