Gym Cancellation Guilt

First: Happy New Year, kind followers of my crazy life! It’s been forever. I’ve missed writing and I’ve missed you. I’m excited to bring some ideas to life on Suazmopolitan this year so, you know, be sure to share all about it.

Second, and more importantly: Gym cancellation guilt is a real thing.

Unlike everyone else that made a new year resolution to lose weight (again) – I made a resolution to make sure I don’t pay a dime for a gym I don’t use. Sure, “be healthy and work out” is on the list but I don’t want to waste my money on a gym I won’t use … which is what I’ve done since I was persuaded (I’m weak!) to join a gym in September.

I went once; literally, one time. This gym just wasn’t the right solution for me and I’ve wasted money thanks to this bad decision.

So I put on my big girl pants and called them back in December to cancel but guess what happened?

… I understand, but you have to come to the gym to cancel because you have to sign something for us.”

BS! I’m sure they can cancel it without my signature…moving on. Last night I put on even bigger big girl pants and went to the gym. I spent the entire drive thinking about what I’d say if/when they might ask why I’m leaving or try to persuade me to stay.

Have you seen this episode of Friends? Yea, this is exactly how I thought I’d go:

…except it didn’t! I was so good and I cancelled it! Come to think of it, the guy didn’t even try to persuade me to stay – I think it’s because I arrived 10 minutes before his shift was over. Of course I might have to pay for February but there’s not a huge cancellation penalty. I’m also blessed to have come to my senses early on. Some people pay for months on end without going.

Not sure I have advice on how to best approach gym membership cancellation… I just wanted to confirm that there’s serious guilt tied to cancelling things… of which I suffer from.

The most I can say is: when you look at the bigger picture, why are you really feeling guilty? It’s YOUR MONEY – and the gym is the worst  place to throw it away.

Off to find a new gym. Goal: don’t rush into it.

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