If you follow me on Instagram, or Twitter, you probably know that at the end of my (now traditional) 2-week New Year’s vacation extravaganza, I went to Iceland. Upon my return, I had so many people asking to tell them all about it – it was overwhelming. I dwindled it down to the fact that Iceland isn’t exactly “the place to go” on a vacation but it’s a place I’ve wanted to go to for some time now. Not just for its natural wonders but because I love winter! So why not visit at the tail end of my trip in the dead of winter?


Problem is, and what I’ve learned after seeing some amazing things in my day, is that there are just some experiences that you can’t describe; like my trip to the Palace of Versailles that I never wrote about. Experiences that are difficult to write about because they inspired or moved you beyond words.

It’s not about getting a picture up on Instagram – it’s not about saying you went. It’s about the descendant of a viking that we met at a bar that told us about Icelandic culture; it’s about driving through unpredictable weather to find nature and beauty in a snow storm. It’s about the beauty that lies across this earth that some people may never see.

Alex Cornell, filmmaker/photographer, was recently quoted about an incredible photograph he took of an overturned iceberg; what he said hit home for me.

“Its funny — as a photographer and as a person, there’s so much there that’s all so alien that it’s almost overwhelming,” he said. “Once you’ve seen a few penguins, a few icebergs, these crazy jagged mountains, your mind can only comprehend how incredible one or two things are at a time.

In my mind and soul it’s something I will never forget but to go back and try to describe the feelings that come with witnessing these alien things is hard. That’s not to say I won’t continue writing about my travels as much as possible but I can understand now why a lot of the travel bloggers I follow don’t bother saying much… they just share beautiful unfiltered images. Through images they tell the story of what they’ve seen.

I’ll try to do the same through some of my images from my unforgettable trip to Iceland.
Excited to plan a trip back during Spring/Summer. Njóta.




Minke Whale


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