Granny Hair is a Thing

Do you know those people who fall down a rabbit hole of Googling things upon learning about something new or interesting?

Yeah, that’d be someone like me – and it happens often. My last out of control Google-research-spiral (before the one this post is about) was about African safaris. Suffice it to say I’ll probably be taking a safari next year, all it took was a movie – Blended – to piqué my interest.

Moreover, one little tweet by Elite Daily re #grannyhair and I’m dying for some gray hairrrr.

What did I learn on my research trip? Well, the beauty on the right is Samantha Ravndahl, a MUA from Vancouver. After doubletapping almost every recent upload on her insta, I moved over to her Youtube, Batalash. Per her super dolled up hair colorist, Hair by Namrood, going grey requires going super bleach blonde which.. isn’t great for your locks apparently. Major bummer.

In other news, I think it might be a worth a trip to Vancouver to get my hair done by Sarah. Check out her work. I also think it might be worth helping her redo her site – quid pro quo?

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