National Wine Day

Did you think I’d let today go by without acknowledging the wine gods for their incredible contribution to our lives? Thank you, wine gods. I don’t drink it to get drunk or sloppy, it’s just such a great alternative to other juices, sodas, flavored waters… sometimes ya just need a good Pinot… am I right?

Like Mother’s Day, or Valentine’s Day, when all the good humans out there tell their loved ones that “you don’t need a special day to love someone”, this National Wine Day I’ve told the two (red and white) 1.5L in my fridge that I love them and that I don’t need a special day to tell them so.

So… my dear slipper-donning, robe-modeling, messy-bun-expert, wine-drinking lovers out there… enjoy today thoroughly but not before you tell your wine bottles you love them too.

Side note/double life points: how fun that National Wine Day falls ahead of Memorial Day Weekend?! I say we rename this bad boy “National Wine Week(end)” and carry on through Monday; can I get an amen!?

Here are a few of my favorite and cheaper go-to wines:

Feel free to stay real classy with me and pick (most of) these up at any of your local shopping establishments or be fancy and buy your more expensive bottles.

Seriously though… drink responsibly.

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