Belle’s Choice

Years ago I wished I could meet a “Gaston”. A man’s man to want me and chase me and sing to me the way Gaston did Belle. Not only nice to look at but, as Disney has shown us, a “Gaston” will fight hard for a woman he wants. But then why, Belle, weren’t his acts of lust (or love) enough?


These days, friends (of which Belle didn’t have) try to advise us ladies to go with the guy that clearly wants you – the “good guy”. Zero mixed signals. Zero games. Zero guessing. Gaston. The guy that wants to settle down with the most beautiful girl in town. Sure he’s full of himself but he has everything else a lady needs.

I wonder how Beauty and the Beast would have played out had Belle had a lady friend to advise her that like… maybe “that big ol’ sad Beast in his castle isn’t good for you…he’s emotionally stunted and aggressive and mean.”

But noooooo… we ladies just love a challenge. Go for that Beast. Go for the guy that isn’t ready for you or doesn’t make you a priority but keeps you just close enough to make you think that whenever he texts you… you might actually be a priority. The quintessential ‘bad boy’. Locked her up, kept her at a distance, was mean to her , yelled at her … like… WHY do we fall for the guy that isn’t good for us?

Straight up: Beast would have been in my phone book as “Not Good For You 👺”.

We all know how Beauty and the Beast actually ends: the Beast turns back into a human that has learned to love and is no longer the dbag he once was but … that doesn’t happen in real life, or does it?

If you wait and be patient can a Beast come around?
Turn into a man that can love? Since I definitely don’t know the answer to that and haven’t had a Gaston stumble into my life… I want to believe in the Beast effect. Mostly because with the ratio of single men to women these days.. it’s hard to believe in anything else isn’t it?

That was a depressing way to end this but this is what Disney has done to modern women.

PS: the new Beauty and the Beast was amazing and Gaston and LeFou were my favorite characters.

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