The ‘Waitress’ in All of Us

I recently decided to listen to the original broadway cast recording of Waitress (yes, a stage adaptation of the 2007 film featuring Ms. Keri Russell), which popped up thanks to the Sara Bareilles’ playlist I was jamming to on Spotify.

In case you didn’t know, Sara is life. An incredible voice who just so happens to also write her own songs. You may know her for her more mainstream jams like, “I’m Not Gunna Write You a Love Song”, “Brave”, or “King of Anything”, but if you dig further you’ll hear deeply personal and all-too familiar life-trigger songs that just pull at the heart-strings; see “Beautiful Girl“, “Between the Lines“, or “I Choose You” (beautiful video, BTW), just to name a few.

Any who, around 2015 (probably many years before that), Sara put all of her awesome efforts into writing the original score (music and lyrics) for Waitress – she even played the lead for a short time this year.

Most of the songs in Waitress, which you can also hear sung by Sara on her album version of the score, are awesome. One stuck out to me most though called, “When He Sees Me”.

In a nutshell, it’s every feeling and thought prior to meeting someone new – on an unexpected (or expected date). Meeting a stranger and every insecurity that runs through your crazy head… or at least mine. And of course, it’s 10x worse when you’re pregnant and a waitress with an incredible knack for baking pies, but really… there is a “waitress” in all of us.

Here are some lyrics but I also suggest you just listen to it below because… so good. The chorus has a fabulous tango-like melody that …just… swoon.

… I don’t like guessing games or when I feel things before I know the feelings
How am I supposed to operate if I’m just tossed around by fate? Like on an unexpected date?

The stranger who might talk too fast or ask me questions about myself before I’ve decided that he can ask me questions about myself… he might sit too close or call the waiter by his first name or eat Oreos …but eat the cookie before the cream? But what scares me the most….

Is what if when he sees me, what if he doesn’t like it? What if he runs the other way and I can’t hide from it? What happens then? If when he knows me, he’s only disappointed? What if I give myself away, to only get it given back? I couldn’t live with that.

I’m not defensive… I’m simply being cautious… I’ve seen in movies, most made for television – You cannot be too careful when it comes to sharing your life …I could end up a miserable wife

He could be criminal, some sort of psychopath who escaped from an institution,
somewhere where they don’t have girls… he could have masterminded some way to find me …he could be colorblind …how untrustworthy is that?

He could be less than kind or even worse he could be very nice, have lovely eyes and make me laugh, come out of hiding…what do I do with that?

What if when he sees me I like him and he knows it? What if he opens up a door and I can’t close it? What happens then? If when he holds me my heart is set in motion, I’m not prepared for that… I’m scared of breaking open

But still I can’t help from hoping to find someone to talk to who likes the way I am
Someone who when he sees me wants to again…


PS: I’m actually very excited because Waitress is coming to Madison’s Overture in 2018 and I’m DEF buying tickets.

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