Let’s Talk Natural Deodorants

It’s a new year and I’m just about done trying to find a good, natural, and strong “odor protector”. From feeling like sticky brown sugar when applied, to giving off a funky smell, I just (1) can’t find a decent priced option… they are all $7+, and (2) find the right fit.

The right “fit” you may be asking yourself? Yes. See the recent 3 options I tried over the past couple of months in the image below. The Love Beauty and Planet brand, as well as the Schmidt’s brand I tried from Costco, were both this like rock of brown sugar that wouldn’t naturally roll on to my skin nor did it seem to soften at all when applied. No thank you, next.


The Tom’s brand actually had a nice smooth application but… did not “protect” from odor at all. I actually think it was creating this awkward different odor that was not the me I know. Also felt I had to reapply often? No thank you, Tom, next.

The Bali Secrets brand is actually my FAVORITE. It’s a wet roll on that smells great and protects from odor; however, #DebtFreeJourney, and buying Bali on Amazon is $13.99.

For a deodorant that literally only lasts a few weeks because it’s so small?!

Oprah - WHAT

Not sustainable. So I caved and went back to a big brand name… Secret.

Secret Clinical StrengthThis time though I’ve tried “Clinical Strength” and it’s pretty awesome. It’s a Soft Solid (lolz, look at me and all my deodorant vocab), has lasted more than a month or so, and is within a price range I’m comfortable with. Don’t have to ever reapply on a given day either… check and check!

Only downside of course is that it isn’t “all natural” and not aluminum free. That said, next step is to give their aluminum free deodorant a chance in the future… interestingly it’s only $4.99 at Target! Even better price.

In the meantime, while I just continue exposing my underarmies to all these different deodorants, I haven’t thought about whether I should be exfoliating in between or “resting”? Nothing a solid beauty blog can’t help with. The Every Girl has a great one here and I pulled some advice from it on how to detox and prepare to switch to any natural deodorant because that’s apparently a thing…fascinating!

  • Exfoliate underarms weekly and wash daily, to assist in the detoxification and prevent body odor.
  • Try to stick to fabrics with natural fibers (like cotton, hemp, and silk) during the transition period. Polyester and acrylic fabrics trap moisture and can cause mold to grow on clothing, which results in a foul smell.
  • When you look for a natural deodorant that works for you, look for an equal balance of baking soda and essential oils, which is helpful for odor control and irritation for sensitive skin.
  • Steer clear of deodorants with parabens or propylene glycol, which are likely to irritate skin.
  • Remember that deodorant is not one-size-fits-all. Try each deodorant for a couple weeks, as it takes your body time to adjust. Know that it might take a few different tries and some time before finding the right deodorant.

Last but not least, slash back to that first bullet, a friend recommended Bentonite Clay for exfoliating your underarmies and here’s a fab video with Candy Lowry.

Who knows, maybe I’ll do a Slippers and Vino FB Live trying it out! 😉

Happy detoxing/naturalizing friends! xo

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