What Happens When You Start a Debt Free Journey

What happens when you start a debt free journey, you ask? Oh, you know… you fall off the face of the earth! So sorry Slippies… can I call you that?… my small but mighty few that sometimes read my blog? I like that… Slippies. So sorry it’s been so long… it’s been a very… focused year.

Let’s recap. So in 2017 I turned 30, I moved to Wisconsin, I tried dating in Wisconsin, I suffered from avocado hand, and I officially became a domestic midwestern woman when I decided to buy a Crockpot. It’s 2018 now though and apparently all I’ve done is finish/catch up on my emotional roller coaster ride with Grey’s Anatomy and, shortly after, started a personal Debt Free Journey.  This journey has been nothing but all consuming and it’s been kind of incredibly life-changing… so, naturally, I want to share it with you.

It all started with a drive to Minneapolis in early February of 2018. I was visiting some close girlfriends and on our first night, over many a glass of wine, one lady friend told me about this debt free journey she’d started. A few glasses later, I’d downloaded Dave Ramsey’s “Total Money Makeover” on Audible and swore I’d listen to it on the 4 hour drive back to Madison.


Shortly after February, with a lease renewal consideration approaching and a new invigoration for starting this debt free journey, I found a studio apartment – paying $200 less/month – and started selling things I didn’t need in hopes of kicking off Baby Step 2 (snowball and pay off your debt with “gazelle like intensity”) in June 2018.

Just like that, I’ve since cut up my credit cards and no longer use any credit only cash/debit cards, I’m on a tight budget, and actually sharing my journey with others in need of guidance too; the irony, y’all, the irony.

Up through Feb 2018, I was a 30 year old with a lot of debt ranging from store credit cards to school loans for my MA, making a salary far above the average in America – no kids, no savings, no property. There’s probably lots of other things I could “take control of”… my wine consumption? My food consumption? My Netflix consumption? But I’m proud and so, so happy I took a step in the right direction with my finances specifically. This lady wants to own a couple homes one day!

While my plan is set to finish paying off all debt in around 18 months from June 2018, every 2 weeks when I get paid builds the excitement. Moving and accounting for my money… something I’ve never done before… is now fun!

I leave you with this, friends:

It’s never too late to take control of anything in your life.

I’ll also leave you with this…

I want to blog more, now that I don’t do much on the weekends, so share with friends and make sure you subscribe to S&V for alllll the fun topics and updates.


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