Barbie’s Bday= 4SQDay

You’re probably wondering why I think Barbie’s Birthday and Foursquare day equal each other. It’s not actually Barbie’s Birthday today, but it is 4SQDay (speaking of, how are you celebrating?)- This is why I’ve associated the two- Foursquare put out a video yesterday thanking all their users/fans: and it reminded me too much of my FAV Barbie […]


Blows My Mind

…that the geniuses that run Foursquare even FIT in ONE PHOTO! I screen grabbed photo from Foursquare HQ Flickr- see more>> They’re preparing for 4SQ Day, which so cleverly is 4/16 ( “four squared” =16) get it… VERY creative kids! LOVE IT! And… of course, because I’m SUCH a pushover- will probs buy 4SQ swag, […]