Barbie’s Bday= 4SQDay

You’re probably wondering why I think Barbie’s Birthday and Foursquare day equal each other. It’s not actually Barbie’s Birthday today, but it is 4SQDay (speaking of, how are you celebrating?)-

This is why I’ve associated the two- Foursquare put out a video yesterday thanking all their users/fans:

and it reminded me too much of my FAV Barbie Birthday Party @ Disney Epcot VHS I used to watch as a kid :). Go in to about 1 minute 22 seconds… see if you wouldn’t be reminded of this after watch the 4SQ vid, or am I crazy? LOL:

I’ve favorited all 3 parts of the birthday party on my channel– if you’re interested in seeing more LOL! Bible, I used to watch this VHS ALL THE FREAKIN’ TIME!

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