Breakup Songs: the strategy

(song selections based off my “recently played” playlist on my ipod) Take it from me, nothing prolongs the abandonment and loneliness of a recent breakup like blasting the WRONG songs from your ipod/iphone 24/7. The moment you hear the song that says how you really feel, and more importantly what you really want to say to the dumper (because […]



MERRY CHRISTMAS, and Happy Holidays everyone! To all those as relaxed, and as off-from-work as I was, I hope you’re all *still* enjoying the holidays with your family’s and friends. Thought I’d recap my awesome weekend…most importantly because I have a couple of reco’s for yummy desserts that you can still make for the fam before […]



So… 1 too many times already, I’ve been full workout mode… and dropped my ipod. Oh yea, loud thud, awkward reaction when the headphones pop out from your ears and you move down to try and save it… to no avail. And, OF course… it always falls underneath the pedal of the person going EVEN harder next […]