Breakup Songs: the strategy

(song selections based off my “recently played” playlist on my ipod)

Take it from me, nothing prolongs the abandonment and loneliness of a recent breakup like blasting the WRONG songs from your ipod/iphone 24/7. The moment you hear the song that says how you really feel, and more importantly what you really want to say to the dumper (because let’s be honest… you’re only seriously depressed over a breakup when you’re the dumpee,) you’ll feel SO much better about the entire situation.

I say be sad for a week, 2 weeks tops. Try to get through the sad/denial phase quickly, and jump to the mad/I’m over it ASAP because here’s the thing:

…for whatever reason you were dumped, the dumper most likely has had enough and won’t be taking you back anytime soon. You need to quickly move on and understand that even if they swore they “loved you” and were “crazy about you”… the lapse in those feelings shouldn’t be misconstrued… they are moving on. And while they may miss your presence occasionally, they aren’t thinking about you day-to-day anymore.

Do yourself a favor, listen to this first. You need to quickly understand that if this relationship wasn’t meant to be… you won’t be keeping in touch, you won’t make “staying friends” work, and you will be really annoyed when you hear they have a GF/BF within weeks of the breakup. This person will become “just somebody you used to know,” and you must come to terms with this!

@Gotye and @Kimbramusic will also help you let out the anger a bit, “…but you didn’t have to cut me off- make out like it never happened and that we were nothing…”

If you need help “understanding” and getting past denial phase, listen to anything by Amy Winehouse especially,

Tears Dry on Their Own
Love is a Losing Game
Back to Black

Do not listen to ANY of the following in the first couple of weeks if you can help it:

– Aventura/Romeo’s new album
– Any old school, baby making music
– Old school Whitney Houston

On your angry days, this is NECESSARY:

And when you’re FINALLY liberated and ready to have fun again, feel hot and want to be back on the market flirting with beef, any of the following would be best.

p.s. the best strategy would be to listen to these liberating songs right after Gotye, but I understand that it’s hard to avoid the 2+ weeks of crying, denial, and loneliness.

Once you’re actually ready to be in a real relationship again… once you’ve learned your lessons, and are tired of the single life– do yourself a favor and READ THIS FIRST. @IamSteveHarvey will help you never get hurt again, and learn how to do a serious relationship RIGHT.

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