All Hail Queen B

Move over Queen Elizabeth II, Queen B, or rather “Mrs. Carter” is coming and she’s going to tear up Europe. I’ve already expressed how smart and innovative the Beyoncé machine is, and this is just another blip on her redonkulous radar of amazing branding and marketing. “After an explosive performance at this year’s Super Bowl, the […]


Beyonce: the well-oiled machine

This woman, brand rather, can do no wrong. First of all, kudos to her marketing people for finally getting her on twitter and a “for-the-fans” blog, well because duh… why not. But really, her “Beyhive“? It’s perfect. Fantastic marketing and branding, witty, alluring, irresistible and as powerful and influential as Lady Gaga’s Little Monsters. It’s […]


Thank You L’Oreal

We all know how much I just LOVE L’Oreal… …so when they kicked off their #wintruematch twitter giveaway, you already know I HAD to enter for the chance to win more of their awesome True Match foundation! Because I new my true match shade (N6 -Honey Beige) I was able to quickly tweet… “@La_Suazo I want to […]