Beyonce: the well-oiled machine

This woman, brand rather, can do no wrong.

beyhiveFirst of all, kudos to her marketing people for finally getting her on twitter and a “for-the-fans” blog, well because duh… why not. But really, her “Beyhive“? It’s perfect. Fantastic marketing and branding, witty, alluring, irresistible and as powerful and influential as Lady Gaga’s Little Monsters.

It’s a cult, a superior following. Fans love it. They eat it up, non-stop.

Four tweets and the woman has a following of close to 7M minions, the power at her disposal isn’t even fair.

She is, hands down, Queen Bey.

It goes without saying that even just her “news” announcements are powerful, and they are just photos. The fact that everyone can figure out that Beyoncé would be performing the halftime show at the Super Bowl 47 by just one little jpeg on her blog is incredible, it’s SMART.


Or that she’ll be partnering (for $50M) with Pepsi in 2013:


Or how about her exclusive HBO documentary debuts 2/16/13:


Yes we know Queen Bey, this is only the beginning. You my friend, and your husband for that matter, are well-oiled marketing machines.

You will make bagillions off us, your images and accomplishments, your partnerships and endorsements, as well as your Queen-Baby-Bey, Blue Ivy, while the rest of us just watch and yearn and drool.

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