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Marriage & Jessica Biel

Is it just me or does marriage look REALLY good on Jessica Biel? I didn’t even recognize her in this photo at Fashion Week on WhoWhatWear. I guess being married to JT does the job? Here are some other recent “WOW” Jessica Biel Timberlake moments:


Listen Up Magazines

Dear ELLE/Hearst specifically, This isn’t the first time you do this to me, and I’m sure it won’t be the last, but I need to vent. I know sales are ROUGH but you shouldn’t be assuming that because I click-through from your email marketing, and sign up for a giveaway, that I want to subscribe […]


Julez, Sexy Stong

“I’m looking for someone who can lift me to the sky, someone who can raise my spirits high. I need someone to help me come alive, tonight….I want a boy to make me feel the way I do in MY HEELZ!” Don’t know who’s flyer… the guys in heelz or Julez. “…attempting to make a […]