Hunter Boots

Before You Throw It Out

I’m a big believer in great brands; companies and manufactures that make great products. I used to only think this in regards to my more expensive purchases, but I learned recently that a great brand/company that sticks to great customer service values will always take care of you while standing by their product with a lifetime guarantee, no ifs […]


Santa, Can You Hear Me?

Please just click play on this video. No need to watch, I’d just like it as background music while you continue reading…this song ALWAYS gets me in the holiday mood. It’s that time of year…where you compile the list of your must-haves, and send it to Santa! For the mature– we know you’ll never get what […]


Erin Rain

I need a raincoat. Down in the rain is never good- nor is wool. Both are actually gross in the rain. Hence why god invented “rain coats” made with water proof material and in this baby’s case : “breathable, seam sealed HyVent® 2.5L fabric, this durable fabric beads off rain so you stay dry. Long, […]