Santa, Can You Hear Me?

Please just click play on this video. No need to watch, I’d just like it as background music while you continue reading…this song ALWAYS gets me in the holiday mood.

It’s that time of year…where you compile the list of your must-haves, and send it to Santa! For the mature– we know you’ll never get what you want if you simply bank on Santa dropping by with even ONE of your wishlist items.

Doesn’t REALLY stop you from wishin’ and hopin’ though…so I’m being a little ambitious this year, and while I’m sure I’ll be buying 3/4 of this cloud of amazingness for myself over the course of the next YEAR, I’ve still sent around via email, with direct links, to the fam.

 What do you think? Great selection right?! Doesn’t compare to my under $20 list for my Secret Santa – but this is the real deal for me!

Here are the links, if you’re interested in anything:

Flip Cam – they’ve discontinued these, and I’ve always wanted one. Can’t go wrong for under $50.
– Hunter Boots Wellies (fleece)– anyone that has Hunter boots, needs these inserts.
– Jumpin Jammerz Onsie – goes without saying that I need this in my life.
– New Puma bag- I had one of these from Middle through College- until the straps finally gave out. Such great and durable bags for those days you’re carrying a little more than necessary.
VS PINK Jets Hoodie – duh
– Verizon iPhone 4S – my sad sad Blackberry life must come to end.
– Short Black Uggs – too cute
– Longchamp tote, graphite – can NEVER have enough Longchamps!
Michael Kors tote: just perfect for everyday supplemental toting
LV Neverfull Tote: standard, and missing from my life
Alviero Martini tote: for the world-travelers
Keurig Single Serve: save some of the money I’m BLOWING on Starbucks #necessary
– NorthFace Raincoat- because I’ve wanted this coat for over a year

What do YOU want for the holidays?

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